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Why Invest in the Maldives?

The Maldives boasts multiple advantages and unparalleled potential — a place where businesses can achieve excellence on a global scale.

Whether you are considering business expansion or new South East Asian investment opportunities, Maldives should be top of mind as your investment destination of choice.

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Business Opportunities

invest in the Tourism Sector

Tourism Sector

Maldives tourism is a sky-high return investment with the highest success rate. Being a world class holiday destination, with its geographical isolation of its islands and the unique natural beauty, and one island-one resort hotel concept is what makes this investment so successful.

invest in the Agribusiness Sector

Agribusiness Sector

Maldives as a tourist destination has great potential for agritourism. With new innovative design and ideas, the agricultural areas of the country can be combined to form relaxation, entertainment and education tour-sites for the tourists as well as improve the socio economic and environmental situation for the locals.

invest in the Construction Sector

Construction Sector

The demand for quality housing is on the rise and for six consecutive years the Maldivian construction industry has exhibited double digit growth, and is consistently increasing its ventures.

invest in the Fisheries Sector

Fisheries Sector

Fishing industry in the Maldives is the nation's second biggest income generator and holds great economic potential. A right combination of local skilled labour with innovative resources and infrastructure will generate quite a high production of fish products for export.

invest in the Energy Sector

Energy Sector

Raw energy supply is a major import item in the Maldives with a cost of 13% of the total import bill of USD 475 million. Hence, this is a strong and stable sector to invest, especially with greener and sustainable products.

invest in the Airports and Yacht Marinas Sector

Airports and Yacht Marinas Sector

Both air and sea transport are major contributors to the Maldives's economy, especially to the tourism sector. This is a country of 1124 islands separated by sea, and travelling from one island to the other is either through air or sea transportation. Hence, the never-ending demand for all sorts of vessels and aircrafts, both luxury and commercial.

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    Let's Invest In Maldives Pvt. Ltd. is an investment company registered in January 2010 with the purpose of opening up new opportunities in collaboration with our government and private sectors while giving consultancy services for the potential investors in the Maldives.

    The founder / CEO Mr. Mohamed Riyaz has more than 25 years of experience in the field with an achievement back ground of founding and operating the ward winning tour operator LET'S GO MALDIVES.

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