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Social sector


The Maldives’ strong performance of the economy has been matched by improvements in the well being and welfare of the nation’s population. In the education sector, Maldives has formed a unified system of education, though much is yet to be acknowledged.

Given the nations new approaches especially towards a more demand-driven curriculum with more and more involvement of the private sector, the objective is to move towards the expansion of educational services and for regional development and facilitate privatization of these services.

To pilot the privatization project, government attempts to open the seven provinces for potential investors and education management organisations to establish private high quality education institutions, creating a range of investing opportunities. Furthermore, the necessity to introduce technical and vocational education streams would open new doors to the children and youth to equip them with skills and training needed in today’s world, paves more prospects for further investment.

While the Maldives has achieved remarkable successes in the number of medical personnel, its life expectancy rate had increased from 40 years of age in 1960 to 68.5 years by 2007, along with a human development index of 0.771 in 2009. However, still the health system has seldom failed to meet the quality standards given the emerging healthcare outlets.

Under the de-centralisation policy, the Government has commenced the Privatization of Health system for those parties abroad to invest here in Maldives. Aimed at raising revenue, developing infrastructure and improve public health care, this new administrative tool is expected to attract leading health care institutes throughout the region.