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Who we are

Invest in Maldives Pvt Ltd is an investment advisory company offering the most comprehensive foreign investment services in the Maldives to both private sector firms and the Government and other NGOs working towards foreign investment promotion and economic development.

The company, promoted by the prominent startup and turnaround entrepreneur, Mohamed Riyaz of the prominent travel and tour operator, Lets Go Maldives and Mohamed Luveiz with his insight in the area of enterprise development and investment promotion, offers a one stop service to clients and provides 360 degree solutions to a wide array of industries.

The quality of our services is ascertained by the caliber of our in-house professionals and the alliance network the company are associated with in strategic areas in the spectrum of investment consultancy.

The consortium of partners include the prominent law firm Hamza and Co. representing the legal and regulatory services aspects,  ArchEng Pvt Ltd offering expert advice in the area of architectural engineering, infrastructure and real estate development,  Maldives Institute of Economic Research (MIER)  in research, client training and the education industry, Eszo Pvt Ltd in Information Communications Technology, Zebra Cross Pvt Ltd engaged in marketing communications and business intelligence.

Why we do it


To rebrand the Maldives as an investment destination while adding value to our everyday lives.


To build on from the goodwill and the brand Maldives in the international arena; and Partner with aspiring enterprises in transforming their businesses through financial intervention and support, consultancy and advisory services.


Ethics in partnering


Sustainability and environment